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BC in Parma: L'Istituto Dante Alighieri
Parma, Italy (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Academic Year,
This program is currently not accepting applications.
Restrictions: BC applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Program Type:
BC Program On-Site Staff: BC Coordinator
GPA Requirement: 3.0 Academic Term Availability: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Accommodation: Apartment, Home-stay Required Course: Art History Course, BC On-site Orientation, Language Course
Language of Instruction: English, Italian Minimum Language Requirement: Varies by semester
Internship: Credit bearing Internship, Semester Long Internship Deadline: Early Deadline Program
Program Description:
The minimum language requirement for BC in Parma - Dante Alighieri is different for Fall and Spring semesters. There is no foreign language requirement for Fall programs. Elementary I or Intermediate I is required for Spring.

Parma 4
The Program

The BC in Parma program offers two tracks based on Italian language proficiency. Students who have below an Intermediate II level of Italian participate in the Istituto Dante Alighieri track, while those students who have a level of Intermediate II Italian or above will participate in the University of Parma track.  More details are available in the program presentation at this link.
The highly regarded Istituto Dante Alighieri is located in a historical building on Strada Felice Cavalotti centrally located int the downtown area of Parma. Founded in 1923 and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Istituto Dante Alighieri is the premier Italian institution for Italian language learning.

The program focuses on Italian language and culture and is an ideal program for students looking to experience life in Italy as an Italian rather than a tourist!

On-site Staff

Caterina Dacci
On-site Coordinator - BC in Parma

Elisabetta Dacci
Assistant On-site Coordinator

Academics & Support

Courses at the Dante Alighieri school, except for the Italian language course, are taught in English for BC students only.
Each semester begins in Florence with an orientation and Art History course. In the Fall students take either Elementary I or Intermediate I Italian at the Istituto Dante Alighieri. In the Spring students take either Elementary II or Intermediate II (meaning they must have already taken Elementary I or Intermediate I prior to arrival in Italy.) In addition to the art history course in Florence (3 BC credits) and the Italian language course (3 BC credits), students will take three additional courses in English at the Istituto Dante Alighieri.

Course selection will take place prior to arrival in Italy. Students choose from a small number of courses in a broad range of subjects. Students may also participate in a Teaching Placement for either one BC credit or three BC credits if an academic component is available.  More information on the Teaching Placement is available at this link.

After students have been admitted to the program and several months prior to the start of the semester the Program Manager for Italy will send students a course selection form along with course syllabi and ask students to rank their top course choices.   Student rankings will determine which courses will run.   We can never  guarantee ahead of time which courses will run so students need to be flexible and consider back up choices.  In recent semesters students have chosen among the courses below.  
  • A Short Journey through Italian Movies
  • Investigating Media Discourse: The Language of Advertising
  • Multicultural Italy- An Interdisciplinary Approach to Urban Landscapes and Narrations
  • Modern European History (Pre-Approved for History II Core)
  • European Union Public Policy
  • International Monetary Economics
  • Organizational Behavior (Pre-Approved for Organizational Behavior- MB 021)
  • Women in Society (Pre-Approved for Sociology 300-level elective credit)
  • Philosophy of the Person
  • Fall Term: Starts in mid-September and ends in mid-December.
  • Spring Term: Starts in mid-January and ends in mid-May.

For more information on finances and scholarships, visit OIP’s website.



While you are in Florence for the Art History course, you will live in shared rooms in a downtown Florence hotel. All hotel rooms have a private bathroom, TV, air conditioning and heat and a telephone.  The hotel includes free wi-fi.   You will be in double or triple rooms, and have breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Room and board during the early start program in Florence is covered by your BC tuition. 


In Parma, you will either live with a local family or in an apartment shared with other BC students. Students complete a Housing Preference Form upon application to the program and housing placements are made by the on-site coordinators.  They will inform you of your housing placement before you arrival in Italy. The apartments are completely furnished; some also have laundry facilities, a television and DVD player.  All lodgings have wireless internet connection, bed sheets, blankets, bathroom towels and kitchen equipment.

The apartments are usually located 10-20 minutes by bus or bike from the city center, supermarkets and some shops are within walking distance.


If you are living in an apartment meals are not included. You will be responsible for your own meals. The kitchens in the apartments are fully stocked with cooking tools and most students shop and cook together. If you are living with an Italian family, you will have a partial meal plan. 
Parma 6
Cultural Activities

The BC on-site coordinators organize monthly activities for you. Typical BC excursions include a weekend in Torino for culture and wine tasting, a trip to Venice for the Carnival, a day trip to Verona, evenings at the opera, a weekend in the Alps, historic tours of museums and libraries, castle visits, and visits to a Parmesan cheese factory.

Other opportunities include:

Cooking Course- A highlight of the program is the weekly cooking course at Chef Anna's home where students learn how to make Italian dishes, such as Risotto alla parmigiana, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Pollo al Marsala and Tiramisu.  The cooking course, taught in Italian, is another opportunity for students to practice their Italian. At the end of the lesson our chef Anna serves a full dinner.  This is a non-credit course.

EN ASSI Association - ESN ASSI is a student association welcoming foreign students to Parma, which organizes weekly activities, field trips and parties.  Each BC student will receive a membership card, which gives discounts in many shops and clubs in town.  Through the Association students can meet people from all over Europe.
Tandem Project- A language exchange between a BC student and a University of Parma Italian student with the purpose of improving each other's language.  The project will enable you to talk with you tandem partners about different issues thus facilitating awareness of various differences between Italian and American culture.  
The project is a wonderful way to discover the city in the company of Italian students and to practice Italian. The Tandem Project is mandatory and a weekly report in Italian is required.

Volunteer Jobs- Parma offers a great number of associations where students can participate in volunteer activities.  According to a student's interest and previous experience the on site coordinators can find opportunities.  Previous students have volunteered with the Red Cross and Civil Protection, worked with immigrants (CIAC and Pane e Vita association) or with children (Children's Hospital, Samarcanda).

Application Process

Please click on the Apply Now button on this page to submit an online application to OIP. For detailed information on the application process visit the OIP website.


Students with disabilities are encouraged to speak with their OIP Advisors about any concerns or questions they may have about studying abroad.

This program is currently not accepting applications.